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We're creating exciting, dynamic work for Film, Television, and Sports
in a busy but fun workplace.

Modern Motion Pictures is an industry leader in on-set computer and video playback, as well as broadcast graphic design.

We built our own custom software to code interactive on-set graphics, allowing actors on set to manipulate what they see on camera, as opposed to doing it all on green screen and fixing it in Post.

Our graphic design is a sought after combination of both cutting edge when needed and "real world" when that's what the script calls for.

Our Broadcast Graphics are seen in both real broadcasts -- including the last two Super Bowls -- and fictional shows such as The Morning Show and The Newsroom.

Outside of "Hollywood", we also work with companies around to world to design everything from UI/UX for real-world applications to design elements for advertising and trade shows.

As we continue to grow at breakneck speed in 2021, we're currently looking to expand with the following open positions: