We are Modern Motion

A team of highly dedicated Designers, Coders, and Engineers
creating Dynamic Custom Content for Film and Television Production.

Our Team

Founders Dave Henri and Chris Cundey have over 40 years industry experience between them,
producing custom video, motion graphics, and mobile applications that work great on set and are both actor- and production-friendly.
Graphic Supervisor Matt Brucell has won 3 Emmy Awards for his Broadcast Graphic Design.

Dave Henri

Lead Designer, Video Director

Chris Cundey

Lead Coder, Video DP

Matt Brucell

Lead Broadcast Graphics, Video Editor

Jolie Medina

Production Coordinator

Portia Cundey

Production Coordinator, Accounting

Rob Rogers

Graphics Coordinator

Our creative team of designers, coders, and engineers are based across multiple time zones, from Los Angeles to Europe to Asia.

Design & Code = Form & Function

1 Content alone is not enough to tell a compelling story. We collaborate with directors and production designers to create the correct aesthetic for the job at hand. Some graphics should be front and center -- beautiful and elegant. Other graphics should be very "real world" and fade into the background. We always serve the story first, and our egos second.

2 Creating compelling content is only half the story, especially when shooting live events or practical playback. Our on-set graphics and video are specifically designed to work in a practical environment -- they are easy to cue and reset, or as we like to say "repeatable and executable".

3 We've authored several proprietary programs to control individual graphics, whether on a phone or a laptop; an LED Wall or an array of projectors. And when one of our existing programs isn't enough for a particular gag, we build one-off applications perfectly suited to the task at hand. So directors, talent, and producers all know exactly what they're getting on camera.