We create interactive Graphics, Broadcast Graphics, Stock Footage and custom Video. We also provide the Coders, Designers, Engineers and On-Set Equipment To make your story come to life.


We’ve built 3 Space Agency Mission Control Sets, 3 Hero National News Sets, countless Local News Sets, and numerous Office Bullpens, Hospitals, Bars, Police Stations, and Living Rooms. Whether you need graphics for aPhone, or a Laptop, or a TV, or a set with 50 TVs, 20 Computers, plus Projection and LED screens — we’ve got you covered.


Our team of Video Supervisors, Engineers, and Technicians have the experience, skills, and equipment needed to design and rig any set, from a simple living room TV playback, to Mission Control at NASA, to a Morning News show stage and control room.


Our team has won 3 Emmy Awards™ for Broadcast Graphic Design. We’ve created the NFL Network’s graphic package for the last 3 Super Bowls, as well as broadcast packages for ESPN, Fox Sports, Univision, and more. We also create fictional broadcast and identity packages for shows such as The Morning Show, Money Monster, and The Newsroom, and countless other fictional news packages for local and cable news packages designed to be seen as playback on various films and tv shows.


Our custom software for operating iPhone and Android phones on set is now the industry standard for photographing phones and tablets in a production setting. The software is extremely simple to use on set (very actor friendly), and looks and acts as though the phone itself were really receiving a call, sending a text, or scrolling through social media. We’re featured on numerous Apple Originals because our content is so accurate. Learn more at


Just as our real-world Broadcast Design experience has informed our fictional Broadcast Graphics; our experience creating cutting-edge UI and UX designs for Hollywood have influenced the next generation of Apps and Programs for everything from Recreational Games to Commercial Machine Control. We work with existing coding teams as well as provide custom code if needed.


Our ever-growing Stock Footage Library is custom built for use as on-set playback. We have traveled the US, Europe, and Asia to shoot reporter stand-ups at major cities to create believable “Cable News” looks. We have also produced Sports and Nature Shows to round out most content that might be needed for on-set playback. We even have simulated Adult Content for playback websites, etc. Please visit to view our library, or reach out via email for any specific requests.


We’ve developed numerous programs to create content and help run on-set playback, including: Vitals (heart rate monitor for hospital sets), Scene Builder (to create phone graphics that play inside of Magic Phone), Modern Player (to easily play and cue QuickTime files on set), Modern Color (quick and easy color correction), and Modern Chroma (simple-to-use green0screen generator, with easy control for any color/hue as well as tracking marks).

We are happy to provide complete Playback Services, including on-set engineering, script breakdowns, etc; or to work with other Playback Professionals to help make running set simple and easy to manage. While we certainly run several shows from top to bottom, we also actively work with several on-set operators running their own shows in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and worldwide.

In this regard, our tools are considered invaluable and extremely cost-effective. So whether you’re a Producer, Playback Supervisor, Prop Master, Production Designer, or Set Dresser; feel free to reach out — we’d love to help with what ever you need.