These reels give a quick sample of the video and graphic content work we've created, as well as the stock footage that is available.

Our full library of stock footage will be online by March 2016.  Until then, please don't hesitate to contact us with stock footage requests.  We have hours of fake news edits, live reporters shot on location, green screen anchors, plus nature and travel footage as well.

Showreel of Broadcast Motion Graphics created for The Newsroom, plus behind-the-scenes blu-ray commentary describing the intricacies of creating the "show within the show".

A quick look at some of our recent graphics builds, including "broadcast" motion graphics for The Newsroom, coding for Silicon Valley, and more.

A sample of various "Reporters" we have shot live on location throughout the U.S. and Europe. All talent are cleared for use in all media in perpetuity. Note - footage is purposefully MOS.

A sample of various "Anchors" we have shot against green screen. This reel shows both the talent available as well as various backgrounds. Note - footage is purposefully MOS.